Budget for a very merry Christmas

Christmas is a happy time of year that brings people together but it can also be expensive. With a bit of early planning you may control your festive season spending.

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Money hacks for teens and young adults

For many teenagers and young adults with part-time jobs, spending their entire pay each week is easy if they don’t have pressing financial obligations. This is why it’s important to discuss a long-term goal and find a reason to save.

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Five tips on giving to charity

As we approach the festive period you may be starting to think about your annual charitable donations. If you are, this article may be of interest to you.

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Market Wrap – October

Each month we release the Market Wrap that is compiled by our Chief Investment Office (CIO). Please call us to discuss any points which you find of interest!

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Technical Update – Key Person Insurance

It’s not a specific kind of insurance but the application of life insurance to protect a business against key person risk. What is key person insurance? Key person insurance designed to protect a business against the significant impact that the death or illness of an...

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Taking the money worries out of Redundancy

Being made redundant can be a big blow to both your finances and self-esteem. Remember, the sooner you come to terms with what has happened the better you’ll be able to turn your situation around.

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Budget basics for teens and young adults

As kids grow older, their financial needs – and their opportunities – grow more complex. Teaching good money management early will help them make informed financial decisions over the long term.

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