Male bonding: it’s good for mental health

Generally speaking, Men are known for bottling things up. On average, one in eight men will experience depression and one in five men will experience anxiety at some stage of their lives. When you’re feeling down, taking action to call in extra support is the responsible thing to do.

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Managing the cost of insurance

Cost is a common reason people cite for not having adequate life insurance cover or for cancelling their insurance policies. But you can manage your insurance premiums to ensure you and your loved ones are sufficiently covered.

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Be retirement ready – plan early

Most Australians are not saving enough for retirement and risk running out of money sooner than they expect. The good news is that you can avoid pinching pennies in your retirement by planning ahead.

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How marriage can have an impact on your super

On 9 January 2018 Australia saw the introduction of recognised same sex marriage. This change has meant that more couples are now legally able to marry and with that comes additional legal rights and financial benefits. One particular benefit relates to superannuation death benefit nominations.

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Saving for a first home is now easier

Exorbitant property prices have made entering the market a pipe dream for many first-home buyers. They need to find more than $175,000 for a 20 per cent deposit to buy a house in Sydney at the median value of $878,325, according to CoreLogic data. This is why the passing of the legislation for the First Home Super Saver scheme in December 2017 has been a welcome development, as it helps prospective buyers get into the property market. So how does the scheme work?

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Market Wrap – September

Each month we release the Market Wrap that is compiled by our Chief Investment Office (CIO). Please call us to discuss any points which you find of interest!

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What are your chances of developing dementia?

Dementia is now one of the Australian government’s nine top health priorities – right up there with heart disease and cancer. Scary, right?! Speak to us about how we can help get your family succession plan sorted swiftly and affordably.

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