RetireInvest, and this office in particular, have always had a holistic approach to our clients’ futures where we consider both lifestyles and financials.

So it is with significant pleasure that we announce an arrangement with Probus South Pacific to become their exclusive financial advisory firm for their 150,000 members across Australia.

We will be promoting each other’s values and offerings through seminars and various types of promotional activities, extolling the virtues of a balanced life, one which is active, involving others as well as being financially responsible.

We will also be offering to new clients coming to us from Probus a discount of 10% on all fees and charges normally levelled against work carried out during the period of the agreement and in the 12 months thereafter.

In fact, our existing clients, who are Probus members, will have the 10% discount extended to them while they remain members of Probus, to highlight the importance we believe Probus South Pacific activities and communications bring to the quality of life enjoyed by those in our community who have retired from full-time work.

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