Prepare for Aged Care

It is a fact of life that many of us will need to one day face the daunting task of seeking aged care for someone close to us. At first the complexity of dealing with the personal, practical and financial issues may seem overwhelming, but there are positive ways to address these issues and there is help available to navigate through them.

What we do
We review each client’s unique circumstances to help identify the right solution for them.
These discussions center around:

  • Aged Care cost
  • CentreLink support
  • Where the income will come from to meet living costs
  • Superannuation and Income Streams

Through understanding of the rules and options we help clients make informed decisions.
We help clients structure their portfolio and income to maximize the age pension. Minimize aged care fees and ensure adequate ongoing income to cover expenses.

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Support Materials

You may view or download these free support materials to serve as your guide!